I'm thinking about getting a Mexican-made Stratocaster, but i've heard some bad things about Mexican strats such as low quality machine heads and fret wires. I don't want to have to upgrade it too much. I'm pretty happy with the Mexican pickups.
Please give me your opinion of Mexican Fenders and some of the pros and cons.
Good bang for the buck, but kind of a hit or miss thing. Make sure you try them out before you buy one.
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love mine. its older though 2001 I believe from serial numbers, it can be a little muddy sometimes, but thats all in the pickups, other than that, a good setup should make it a very good mid level guitar.
I'm completely happy with mine, no issues what so ever.

You really might want to look into replacing the pickups though, not the best.
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Love em, great guitars for the cost, if you buy them used. I like the older ones better though
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Mine rocks. Great guitar once its setup
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Mine is great! I am in the process of waiting on some vintage-grade springs to put in the tremolo, but it stays in tune pretty well, and sounds great. Except mine is the Roadhouse, with Texas Specials. I'm sure other Mexi strats are just fine though!
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I used to own a mexi strat (kinda gutted I got rid of it), one of the nicest guitars I ever played

Neck was fantastic, didn't go out of tune and the pickups were great.

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