I'm considering moving to Wilmington, NC next year. I've only been to one show at the Soap Box, so I don't really know anything about the music scene there. Are there any good bands there these days?
BTBAM is from NC. that's about all i know
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My sister used to live there; Wilmington is kinda boring. What makes you want to live there? Try Raleigh it is pretty nice there, more people=more aspiring musicians=better chances.

Ohhh and did you hear BTBAM is from Raleigh.
Yeah, Wilmington's scene isn't too great from what I can tell. There's a lot of alt-rock. If you're into hardcore, move to Greensboro. If you're into Southern rock and nu-metal, move to Charlotte. If you're into death metal and metalcore, move to Raleigh. If you're into horrible, horrible bands and tour packages, you can move to Fayetteville. If you like indie, move to Chapel Hill. Same for Asheville, but you can also find prog there. The traces of a hardcore scene in Durham died a few years ago, and now it's just jazz and rap.
Yeah I've done Raleigh. Went to N.C. State for a while. The scene there has its moments, but never really impressed me. I like the idea of moving to the coast, while staying in my home state. Wilmington seems to be the best option. I know He is Legend is from there, but that is about it.