Ok I am doing exercies on bending strings. Right now i want to do a full tone bend on the 15 fret. I did a search on this forum about string bending and they talk about having it in pitch.

What does it means to have it in pitch ?
its bending the string till the sound of the string like a step up or how ever far you are looking to bend it
...In contrast to having your bends sound between, say, the 16th and 17th fret.
a good exercise you can use to TEST your string bends is to alternate between playing the BEND, then playing the fret that it is SUPPOSED TO SOUND LIKE at the PEAK of your bend.

for example

if you are supposed to bend the second string at the 15th fret up a whole step (two frets), then play then bend, LISTEN to how it sounds at the peak of the bend, then play fret 17 by itself and compare how they sound. this way, you can tell how far you should bend the string, whether its too far, just right, or not far enough.

to test a 1/2 bend, you would fret the 16th fret after bending.