So guys, my camera finally decided to call it quits today during filming. I've been having trouble with it for a good half a year or so, due mostly to it being outdoors during the harsh Canadian seasons all the time. As of now it isn't turning on at all no matter what batteries I put in it, so I'm probably going to need a new one soon.

The camera that died today was a Canon A2000 IS, which was 10.0 mega pixels, 6x optical zoom, and fairly compact so I could take it in my pocket on the go. Cheap too, at only $150. There's a few key features that camera didn't have though that I want in my next one. For starters, I want it to be pocket sized, not much bigger than a computer mouse. Also, on my other camera during video recording you could only zoom digitally, not optically, so I wanted a camera that can zoom smoothly during recording without loss of quality. I also was looking for a camera that could perhaps have it's own focus, like on normal SLRs (if this is possible), so that I'm not always relying on the autofocus. Lastly, though this one isn't essential, I'd like a camera with a view finder so I'm not always squinting to see the screen on bright days, and wasting battery. My budget is probably around $200-$350.

Thanks in advance guys.
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Nikons imaging processors > everything else.

oh wait.. youre not into the budget for a DSLR... hm, well id still go with Nikon, on the basis that im still using an outdated D50 and my moms coolpix is well... cool.
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I work at Best Buy and Digital Imaging is one of my departments I've personally fell in love with the Canon SX210IS, runs for about 300$
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