I am a 17 year old guitarist/bassist looking to form a Metal band in Markham, Ontario. My leadwork is somewhat limited but I can play a strong rhythm guitar. I'm decent on bass, but it certainly is not my main instrument. I am willing to play Traditional Heavy Metal, Power Metal, Thrash Metal, Old-School influenced Death Metal, Hair Metal, and maybe some other stuff. My biggest influences are HammerFall, Metallica, Slayer, Vio-lence, Alice Cooper, and Overkill.

I am looking for anyone who can play drums, bass, guitar, or sing that would be interested in jamming with me. I'm open to anyone with any level of skill. I would prefer someone within my general age (15-19).
Hey, I have alot going on right now, but I'd be down to jam. I live in the Oshawa area (port perry, but im moving to shwa september 1st) and i have my own wheels.

message me on facebook, just search Derek Lyon, or email me at kickstart.my.heart@live.ca

EDIT: i guess i should mention, i play lead or rhythm guitar, and can keep a beat on drums.
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How far away do you think that is from Markham? Also, you don't do drugs do you? Because I am not looking for people like that to jam with me.
Hey, I'm originally from markham I went to B.A in grade nine and Bur Oak SS in grade 10 and 11 (i'm 16 and going into grade 12). I just moved close to finch station so it's a yrt or viva away from markham. I've been playing for about 5 years, doing mostly rhythm. But I've put myself back into lessons to work on my solo's.
Oh and I don't do drugs lol