What's your amp?

Your mixer should have high and low level inputs.
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atm its an epi valve junior and a peavey bandit, i dont have a mixer yet, i was looking at the behringer 1204usb mixer. im not set on anything yet and whatnot, im just thinking about my options. i just wanted something to record small things and to fool around with
when you say run the amp head into the DI box and then the mixer, what output are you using? becaue you cannot plug the speaker out on a head into either of those items without seriously damaging something.
according to behringers website i can plug my amps speaker output right into the dl box and it can handle it
acording to me, thats a stupid idea. the box is made by a company that is notorious for having its cheaper products fail. its also obviously not a balanced load for your output transformer (in your epi). bandit would probably be ok. the box will probably handle the amp no problem, but you would blow the amp.

there is a reason attenuators and dummy loads are expensive. i know a thing or two about power electronics, so please trust me when i tell you not to plug your amp into that thing.
okay, i guess the dl is not the way to go. Or can i run my guitar through my effects chain and then into the dl and then to the mixer? if not im guessing they only way to record guitar then would be to mic up the speaker.
can i run effects in front of that? i feel like thats cheating for tone and what not lol, it seems neat but i dont know if want all digital sound in a recording. And btw the point of getting a recording setup would be to recording using my own gear, demoing new pedals and whatnot and doing some light recording with more than just a guitar
You're not going to get a good sound out of an Epi Valve Jr. That's why I recommend the Line 6 Pod Studio. Besides, if you want to do more than just guitar, get a Pod Studio UX1 or UX2 to get a mic input.
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You can also plug your Effects loop send into the input on the DI. Keep your speaker attached and the head can "lose its load", no pun intended, and you'll be recording the dry sound of the head. Just make sure you have a couple of proper cabinet impulses.
im not going with a dl box anymore, it doesnt seem practical or worth the money. and i have an epi vj atm im in the process of finding a new one and whatnot, its modded quite a bit but i know im not gonna get a good sound out of it lol or at least something worth recording with it .
so i think i may just go with the behringer 1204usb mixer and mic up my speaker, any suggestions for good mics and a decent price?
I'd suggest not going with anything from behringer if you don't have to, line 6 make perfectly good single channel recording interfaces, and the M-Audio Fast track is another popular & affordable choice. The SM57 is generally the industry standard for recording guitar, but if you have more money you could look at the Sennheiser E609 or the Sennheiser MD241.
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