Hey check out my songs leave a rating and a comment and ill be sure to get back to you within a day or at least by next monday when i get back from a weekend at the mountains thank.
Haha first of all I really like the intro.
Also the mainriff sounds quite good to me for a lot of bands in different genres with a great oppurtunity for every singer.
However my point of critic would be the equaliser should be a bit different, maybe middle a bit higher on some parts. Just my opinion.

The second song. Actually the same comments as the other song.
I would also change the drum on this one, especialy the bassdrum used to much double.
I really like the rifft where it starts with.

''We still struggle with the fact that one percent has ninety-nine on their knees.''
I listened to both songs: I liked "Metalcore" best (I don't think the other song had electric bass in it did it?), even though there are some obvious cut/copy & paste editing points. I thought "Metalcore" had better audio quality (good) in general also. Drums were good. Wouldn't hurt to have some vocals. All of your guitar & bass playing is tight in both songs. Keep rockin' man! Please review my music at this link:

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Thats What We Do - firstly... this is not my kind of music so I wont know how to say if its good or bad... but to me.. musically.. there is no story in the song or maybe its not the story as titled.. and around 1:19 it starts to be chaotic and a lil bit out of place in the context of tempo...

Metalcore - I feel like its the same song from thats what we do...

what if u just combine this two songs together and make it as one...

well... its just an opinion... and Im not a pro... hehehe....

so I hope u can check out mine...


~peace from Malaysia~