f****** awesome!
i've been playing guitar for 7 years now, love it to death. finally hooked up with a great band and we've been playing some bars and stuff all summer (like 10-12 a month) and its been going great.

what i've learned so far:

*if your up on stage everyone wants to be your friend. they want to get you drunk (they pay). they want to get you high. and yesss, they want to makez sex all over your face.

* "i'm yours" still kills.

* arguing with drunks gets you nowhere, just laugh at them instead

*the best way to get gigs when your not just a coverband is to get a 3+ hour setlist of danceable cover songs and stick your own songs in throughout the evening.

*unless you hit all the strings without fretting, nobodies going to notice your little mistakes unless they are a musician themselves which, in that case, they will chat you up.

*you don't have to play "freebird" if you don't want to.

anything to add? discuss?
Sounds great! I justed started a band and we´re still playing covers but maybe in the near feature there might be some of our own songs in the setlist.
This thread really makes me want to gig :P:
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its great also on the way to a gig if you walk to it while carryng your guitar or other instrument you could get more gigs or even people to show up
nonmusicians also think your awesome
Yet another fine victory for Captain Obvious.
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The word "musician" is thrown around a lot these days.
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^This, I also recommend maybe putting some sort of shield thing for your pedalboard, so you don't get beer and shit all over your pedals.
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