So, I've been thinking of getting a tattoo lately. No, not of a dragon, or something meaningless. It's in honor of my brother, who passed away a few years ago. He was a HUGE lover of music (over 20 years of piano + double bass in an orchestra). So i decided to sketch a bit of a possible idea. Keep in mind this is my VERY first sketch, and I will definitely not be drawing the final product because frankly, I suck at drawing. I will provide a link to a picture, and the description below it will explain the meaning behind everything.

edit: my friend's first sketch after I showed her my old sketch. your opinions please!


click the pic to zoom in!

I will either be getting it on my Right rib or my back. Still debating!

Any critiques and comments would be helpful! : )
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Beautiful concept, man.

Just one thing, what happens if somebody else in your family dies? (regarding the tattoo)
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its great. u have them all there. u have a reason for every detail. thats the way to go with tattoos. u have to make sure it will be a "valid" tattoo for every part of the rest of ur life...


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Thanks guys! Kampfer, that's an excellent question and it makes me grateful I asked your guys' opinions cause I haven't even thought about that. But I suppose this is strictly in honor of my brother? Who passed away due to unnatural causes (suicide). I will have to think about that one

And to the question about location, I will most likely be getting it on my right rib (OUCH!) or my back. Still debating
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That first note is actually a B -- A would be right on the ledger line -- but other than that, pretty cool concept.
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that is ****ing beautiful man!! i love it! what a great way to honor your brother and your family.
That looks great, where are you going to put it? Though, the treble clef is one line too high for the notes to be correct.
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That first note is actually a B -- A would be right on the ledger line -- but other than that, pretty cool concept.

haha failll. fixing it now. Thanks!
That's pretty cool and a nice idea.

Something I'd thought of though and I'm sure a tattoo artist would suggest is that, unless it is going to be going along your forearm the way a name or something would, then you might want to change the lines slightly so that there is a bit more flow.

I suck at describing things, but I mean more like the follwing instead of straight lines:

Just that the way skin grows and changes could potentially leave problems with straight parallel lines plus, it means you don't get something that looks crooked like this:

Sorry, more was posted before I finished writing this.

If you are going for your ribs, I'd definitely recommend getting a design with a bit of a flowing curve to it.
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Better still, take your ideas and some print outs to a tattoo artist and discuss your ideas with them. They will be able to help you create a finished piece that you are happy with.....then you can get pics of that up!

Sounds pretty awesome but man.
really cool idea mate i like it. a good tattoo always has a meaning behind it and that on of the best ideas i've ever heard..

my advise would be to show a few tat artists, explain what your trying to achieve and let them have a bash.

I'm the same i cant draw for shit so i know your pain in that regard!

Looks awesome mate! Sorry to hear about your brother, mine died in Afghanistan and i would love to be able to think of something expressive like that in his memory. Post a final design when you have one
Its good man. When my "brother" passed away, pretty much my whole family got tattoos for him. Be proud of it.
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you could get it on a forearm, that would be rad.
i feel your pain brother, i lost my sister when she was 5.
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funnyy cause im vietnamese! ahah

and thanks for all the feedback guys. the people who critiqued it, i definitely used your advice, so big thumbs up to you guys. and all your positive comments are greatly appreciated : )
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Dude, that is beautiful. And how all the different symbols have a meaning. I don't know what to say, I can't think of how to improve it at all, but it's definitely meaningful.
very nice! i think a tattoo is only worth getting if it means enough to you to carry on forever and that is 100% worth it
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Normally I find large tatoos kinda lame but man, yours really works. Great concept and it's amazing how it actually all fits in.
That is a bitching tattoo. Awesome man, and it's got real meaning too. Perfect tattoo.
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I think that tattoo is beautiful on an aesthetic level, and the symbolism is poetry. It's a piece of art, without a doubt.
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Beautiful concept, man.

Just one thing, what happens if somebody else in your family dies? (regarding the tattoo)

That's kind of a ****ed question to ask, and I think you're missing the point of this tattoo.

My one criticism would be to try and make the dove look less like a penguin for the final piece. It would get obnoxious having to explain that it is in fact not a penguin.
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Interesting question...
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very nice! i think a tattoo is only worth getting if it means enough to you to carry on forever and that is 100% worth it

So by that logic a tattoo isn't worth getting for purely aesthetic reason.
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that's a really amazing idea, dude. the sketch looks great. go for it!

This. All the way!
Sorry to hear about your brother. That is an incredible idea, and will make a beautiful tattoo.

Just one thing (and you're probably aware of this, but just in case you aren't): where you have the top A, it's kind of a G.

See how there's a space between the stave and where the A is? That's kind of important.

I'm not trying to be a dick, I just want to make sure you're aware of that.




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Man I love the description you gave. Love how every little part means something so important.
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Very cool man! At first glance it just looks like a generic music tattoo but then I read the description. It's subtle and has meaning. Great idea!
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