guitars aren't made to be played on top of the fret (silver thing). place your fingers in between the frets.
Well for me I cannot barre all 6 strings at once either. The strings push into the fleshy part inbetween my knuckles and no matter how hard i press I cant do anything, my hands seem abnormally squishy.

But that doesnt matter since I dont think ill ever barre all 6 strings at once and ive worked at it enough that barre chords are easy. Fret with the rest of your fingers and move your index up and down until the strings its fretting are supposed to ring out.

For instance if I do an A/Am barre shape the tip of my index is right on the A string, but when I do an E/Em barre shape my index frets the E string with almost the middle of the pad, the reason for this is if I dont move my finger up this extra bit then barring the bottom three strings becomes a lot harder. You would think its simply move all your fingers up equal amounts but not for me, may not be the same for you either.

Also the more you work at it the stiffer the skin on your hands gets, atleast it seems so. I used to have the damndest time with these types of chords but now theyre pretty easy and Im moving onto other shapes like 7s and so on


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They never had dragons..
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actually turns out I can bar all 6 at one time.. but either way everything else I said was true for me *shrug* guess that just got better and I hadnt really paid attention because I never do it :P

Are you telling me theyre out of dragons?
They never had dragons..
Who didnt?
The world..
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I still can't do it. Making me crazy.

Like everyone's said stop laying your finger directly over the frets, they should be behind the fret. I noticed when you play single notes your finger is behind the fret where it should be so why aren't you pressing in the same place when you barre?
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This responce on my youtube link helped me:

It's not just about keeping your finger straight, you should almost be bending your finger backwards (so you will be pushing down more on the middle two strings).

Also, make sure your finger is just below the fret (silver bit) all the way along. You have to be as close as possible to the "silver thingy", but NOT on it.

Hope that helps.

Now I can play all the strings between the frets.
I even noticed that i'm not getting a red mark where I've never had one before on the finger. The part of the finger where it's red is at the part I'm having problems with the strings. So this is great!