I'm a little confused on how exactly this is done. It just seems like there's so many different positions for each scale, and so many ways to apply it. It seems like it would take forever just to learn one scale.

So my question is: Is there a better/faster/correct way to learn them?

Thanks in advance for any help.
instead of learning positions learn the intervals of the scale and if you know the notes on the fretboard learning the scales shouldnt be too difficult
Well for me it is just endless meditation over multiple scales until I memorize and see the notes in front of me and am able to make interesting patterns within them. I don't know too many more than the 7 modes and 5 pentatonic shapes and I'm not super good at making interesting patterns, but it only comes with true time spent with them.
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I pick a scale to learn, and memorise the intervals, like 1 b3 5 b7 1, or whatever it might be. Then I just play it again and again and again at different points on the neck, for maybe half an hour. Then I do it without looking again and again and again. It really does take lots of repetition. It's the only way to get it done properly, unless you're freakishly talented like Robert Johnson. And if you've never heard of Robert Johnson, then we can't help you anymore.
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1 b3 5 b7 1

Now I regret putting off learning music theory.
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Scales ARE music theory, if you want to learn scales then you'll have to start learning it.

Learn the notes on your fretboard first, you can't learn anything about scales without knowing that first.

As far as scales themselves go start with the major scale, learn how it's constructed from intervals and learn how to locate it all over the fretboard - that's your starting point.
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The faster way to learn is them is to see em like a picture. Look for something in the internet.
as said learn either the intervals or learn the scale formula either way you need to know what every note on the fretboard 1st though for example you need to be able to find a E in all it`s locations without thinking about it etc.........
Learn the notes on the fretboard. Then take a scale to practice with and then learn all of the basic shapes of the scales. Once you've practised them and can play them reasonably fast, learn some other shapes.

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