On my Jackson RR24 FR guitar, I have it tuned to Drop C with EB 11s.

At the top of the fret if I play 1,2,3 etc it plays but you hear it as if its banging off of the metal strips but its fine everywhere else on the guitar, if I raise the bridge to get it a little higher so it doesnt make that noise it makes all the frets near the bottom far too high to play.

I can also get the harmonics pretty easy near the top of the guitar but not the bottom.

Can anyone give me any tips or advice on how I can properly balance the guitar so I can get all things top to bottom nice and clean?

First thing I think of is mayube replacing your nut with a new one, and you could file it down to be exactly the same as the old one on one side, and slightly higher than the old one on the other side to lift your strings up just a fraction.
1) Have you checked relief (do you need a truss rod adjustment)?

- Often guitars buzz on lower frets (1-7) because the neck's too straight.

- Plenty of guides online. Just google "guitar truss rod", "truss rod" or "guitar relief"

2) Is it buzzing on all the strings or just some?

- You can adjust the bridge to be "unbalanced" - lower for thin strings, higher for thicker ones.

3) What is the exact gauge of your strings? 11 EB can be either Power Slinky 11-48, Beefy Slinky 11-54 or Light electric nickel wound 11-52

- You'd need something like 56 for the C to get it sound and feel proper, otherwise fret buzz on that string might be an issue. 54 should work, however.
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