Does this look like a solid buy? I am looking for a fixed bridge guitar with a thin neck and i found this, cool thing is, is that its tuned to drop tuned to DGCFAD, so to play drop C i just need to tune the low e string down a step. Plus it says is has extra deep scoop cut for upper fret access which i dig. I don't know too much about the pickups if they are good or bad or not but they can always be replaced. Anyway I was also wondering if it its possible to tune up a step safely without having any problems? I play a lot of stuff in E standard and drop C so when i saw this guitar it really caught my eye.

You can tune it as you wish, you may have to tweak the neck a little tho. As far as pick ups go let you´re ears decide if they need to be changed or not.
^ +1.

If you play in standard it might be better for you to just get a 25.5" scale. It's kind of a waste of a baritone-ish guitar to play in standard. That guitar was specifically designed to be used in lower tunings, everything from the scale length to the pickups. So think about that before you make a decision.
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