It's a little beside the point but in that video I noticed he did a lot more economy picking than actual sweeping. It's a very similar effect, in fact almost identical.

Any way on topic, if you know you'r arpeggios than starting out very slowly by sweeping them is a good start. Theres also 3 string sweeps which where used a lot in that particular video, same idea as sweeping arpeggios on 6 strings just only 3 strings and pentatonic sound a bit better but you can do arpeggios too. If you don't know any arpeggios or anything than I would suggest starting there.
Well i knew randy and yngwie . And ive noticed that too derpdragon . Only thing i was looking for really is bands and guitarists like yngwie that have this kind of style. Thanks anyways.
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Cacophony (legendary guitarist = Jason Becker), also... Stratovarius and Concerto Moon.

I would also look into the early works of Rhapsody of Fire (Dawn Of Victory, Power of the Dragonflame, Symphony of Enchanted Lands). The guitarist's name is Luca Turilli. Neoclassical stuff generally coincides a lot with power metal, and generally most of these metal bands or similar ones will start off neoclassical and start to trend away from it.

Additionally, just due to my own taste, I will recommend the Something Wild by Children of Bodom (guitarist = Alexi Laiho). Very neoclassical album. And I'd say it's worth looking into Warmen (just because I think they can be pretty tight sometimes hah).

And it wouldn't hurt to listen to Baroque/Classical music in itself. Vivaldi, Pachelbel, Handel.
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eveningninja : Thanks man just what i was looking for ! Although i heard all exept concerto moon , CoB and the classical CoB aint really my taste but im sure gonna check out that album!
Ah, cool. Also, if you haven't heard them already check out Galneryus, specifically their first two albums (The Flag Of Punishment, Advance To The Fall). Pretty sweet neoclassical influences there I'd say. And even if it's not really your thing, Syu is just such an incredible guitarist it'd be well-worthwhile

Okay fine, I'm just a major Syu fanboi and take any opportunity I can to recommend him to others (no but srsly, he has some rather prevalent neoclassical styles in the first albums lol)

-edit: Also, the band Versailles has some worthy stuff.
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Thanks man ! Yeah neoclassical is nice . Im looking for these kind of bands since i already know many bands / guitarists in the more emotional "slow" playing (Andy timmons , neal schon , eric johnsson etc ) More speedy thrash soloing ( im a major thrash metal fan , Kirk hammett , Marty friedman (wich also played in cacophony with becker ) and many more ) more advanced shredding and melodys like petrucci , vai , satriani . And much more! I just never had many influnces to look at when it comes to neoclassical music exept yngwie so ive been looking around for the past weeks. So im really gonna check those you just said out Thanks man