Australian Music Fest, here's the line-up:
In my opinion this is ****ing horrible...

I'm going to see High on Fire and maybe Melvins, The Sword, Kylesa and if I get bored enough.... Slayer.
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I dunno why you'd post this in the metal forum, considering there's about 5 metal bands on the 50+ lineup so far....
Has never been a metal festival and if you're still going, you should just be fucking grateful they actually brought some bands that aren't just the flavour of the month.
Doesn't seem too bad to me.

Maiden, QOTSA, Gang of Four, Protest The Hero, Melvins, Trash Talk, HoF & Kylesa

Plus it's only one day, meaning all the good shit is concentrated.
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QOTSA, Primus, Protest the Hero, Melvins, High on Fire, The Sword, Kylesa.

Seems go-able for me, minus the thousands of miles.
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I dunno why you'd post this in the metal forum

...that's why bitch.
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your name is about as funny as a burning orphanage

Hopefully those bands mentioned in this thread do side shows. I hate big stages
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Maiden, QOTSA, Primus and HoF?

Good god.
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And Primus would be damn awesome. Wouldn't expect less than fantastic experience
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