Okay, this is probably going to be a silly question but i have never heard it before.

I have played guitar for 5 years and have never noticed this.
I have recently purchased an Ibanez SA series guitar and my ear picked something up which i haven't before.

I can hear the ressonance of a note throughout my guitar body. if i strike a note with alot of attack and stop it instantly i get a sort of built in reverb effect, sorta as if my guitar body is a tunnel. Like i say, now i am writing this out, it seems normal - but i have never heard this before... i have a jackson DKMGT, had a Dean from Hell, Charvel guitars, Epiphone, yet never heard this, or never heard it THIS strong.

Is it a good sign, or a bad sign??
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Sounds good to me haha. When I first got my Schecter C-1, I had those thoughts because I've only played an RG before that. I don't know if it's good or bad, though.
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I had the same thing with my Ibanez SAS36 model.

In the same boat, really... No idea wether it's good or bad. It never much bothered me, though?

And if it doesn't bother you, I wouldn't pay it much mind beyond this point ;p
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I have it with every guitar i touch.

It feels wierd to me to not have that feeling
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If your guitar has a trem, then it's probably the springs in the back of the guitar. Cover then up wih some foam and you'll be k. I think.
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Yeah it does have a trem, though it has now been blocked ( i slammed some baritone strings on the geetar to get some serious chug out of it in drop b. Now got 68's on the bad boy!) And yea, the guitar is an SAS32ex i believe. it's just really weird to hear the resonance so prominently when playing unplugged! I don't mind it, was just wondering weather this was a bad thing when coming to play through an amp, would it make my playing sound muddy because there is so much resonance behind the guitar?
Jackson DKMGT
£15 guitar cable!
Bugera 6260/ Crate GT1200H
Crate GT1200h Cab
I just interested these SA series 2 days before and tomorrow im going to buy one. Dont remember exact model number but flamed maple with purple color and 1 tier down of 32ex without set neck
The same thing kinda happens to me. Whenever I hit a note too hard I see dead people.