How good does the Roland Micro Cube sound with the acoustic sounds? Looking on Youtube it seems good, but does it sound close to an acoustic guitar? I would love to be able to play both acoustic (or close to it), and electric on the one guitar.
It's fairly close. At the end of the day it's a bedroom practice amp so it's not going to give unbelievable acoustic tone, but yeah it's decent. You can certainly play both distorted and clean on it.
All the tones are pretty much usable on the micro cube, definitely a cool little amp. I have one for traveling.
That's good then, as I couldn't decide between an electric or acoustic, but if I can get decent acoustic sounds through that then it might be better to get electric.
Yeah I reckon it would be good to go electric. I also have a microcube and can second the claim that all tones are pretty much usable.