I want to fit a sustainer to my strat-style guitar. It currently has a triple single-coil layout, but as far as I can tell, the Fernandez sustainer needs a humbucker in the bridge position. So is it as simple as just rerouting the cavity for the bridge single-coil to fit a humbucker?
As far as I know, it's just that simple + you'll need a plex with HSS holes, if the guitar has a pickguard to begin with, but it could go horribly wrong if you start routing away without experience, and without a pickguard to conceal it, the extend edge of the cavity will be ugly and possibly tricky to refinish. But, essentially, yes.

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adstr123 you left out a few important details.

Do you want it to have a humbucker in the neck or bridge?

Have you looked under the pickguard? cause most strats from after about 2000 have the neck and bridge pickup areas routed for humbuckers already

and if you want it in the bridge then you can buy a new pickguard for it, if you want it in the neck you may have to rout(e?) it yourself.

@the unforgiven: "the extend edge of the cavity will be ugly and possibly tricky to refinish."

why would he (or her) need refinish the cavity unless they accidentally rout(e?) past the edge of the pickguard, is that what you were refering to?
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Humbucker in the bridge. And yes I had looked under the pickguard but somehow I didn't notice it had indeed been routed to fit humbuckers too!!!! :L I actually have no idea how I missed that, thanks tukk04!

Yeah now I can just get a new pickguard