I bought a Yamaha MW10C USB Audio Interface with Cubase AI4 about a year ago. I noticed this version of Cubase was designed specifically for this interface. I love the interface, but since I bought it I have been having problems with using Cubase. For example, Cubase doesn't recognize any inputs through the interface, but its will recognize outputs. I have e-mailed Steinberg & Yamaha to try and solve the issue, but not much has come of it.

At the moment I am using Audacity to record, which is ok but I would prefer something a bit more advanced. Before I spend any money on some new software, I was wondering does each software package have a corresponding hardware interface? Or will I be able to use the interface I already have on other software?
Also if anyone could recommend some decent & cheap(ish) software that would be great!

Assuming the interface is working properly, you should be able to use it with just about any software out there. I use my two audio interfaces on about 5 different programs every day and have never had an issue.

The only real issue is ProTools which requires specific hardware to install and run.
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