Ok, so I want to surprise my husband with a new electric guitar for his upcoming birthday but I don't really know anything about electric guitars (I'm a beginner and I am learning on an acoustic right now). I've heard him talk about Ibanez before and I found this ad on kijiji and I was hoping to get your opinions. My concern is that I won't really be able to play the guitar when I check it out to see what it sounds like and I don't know any other lefties who could check it out with me. So any feedback on this model of Ibanez, if the guitar is priced well or any other info to help me out would be greatly appreciated. Here's the ad:


(In addition to the info in the ad I found out that the guitar was purchased new 1.5 years ago).

Thank you so much!!
i dont play ibanez often, but brandnew the guitar is 400 and it seems like the ad says he added 300$ pick ups. so on paper it seems like a good deal?
but then again im not that knowledgable in the ibanex department.

What styles does your husband play?
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Thanks, I posted in the electric guitar forum as well.

When he plays covers they are mainly rock/metal but when he plays his own music it is a jazz/funk type of style.
decent guitar,it seems to me that it has the edge III bridge(tremolo,tailpiece) and its not very good

as for the pickups,300 on a set of dimarzios?thats a lie
I don't know of a set of pickups that cost 300.

The trem on that guitar will take it out of tune pretty badly, edge III is a nightmare.

I would usually recommend staying far away from cheap Ibanez RG stuff.

What style does your husband play? What is your budget?

I'm far more fond of the Ibanez S series, though I can't remember if they a have any lefty models.

All the EG forum will do is recommend a schecter C-1
which actually might not be a bad rec in this case
excuse my ignorance, but is $300 too high or too low of a price for pickups? Like I said, I don't play electric guitar and I am new to acoustic guitar so all the technical stuff is still foreign to me!

Budget wise - $400 tops so I'm mainly looking at used guitars and being a lefty it is slim pickings the majority of the time!
well for the jazz, funk and rock stuff im think of a fender, and they have some lefties. but it wont be as easy to get the harder rock and metal without a humbucker pickup. fenders usually have single coil but you can find models with a humbucker. let me check out ebay.
Gibson RawPower SG 2009 (Zales)
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Quote by denied
edge III is a nightmare.

Now....I've had an edge III on my Ibanez RG370DX for the past year and I've never had and problem with it, even after excessive use of my whammy bar, it's still in tune. Have I stumbled onto a rare, non life destroying edge III?

Might want to check that one out. Pickups were switched out from an ibanez which from my experiecne isn't great, but it may mean you can bring the price down and pickups can always be switched out...
It looks like a neck-thru wich is a plus...
It's korean but so are most ibanezes you'll find...
Body shape looks wierd to me but i'm not used to lefty's so it's most likely only my eyes.

EDIT: Come on guys lets try to help. Don't start the Edge 3 argument in her thread
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im not finding any lefty fenders with a humbucker on ebay. my recommendation has failed
Gibson RawPower SG 2009 (Zales)
Gibson Hummingbird 70's? (Amy)
Jet City JCA 20 Watt Combo
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Straight answer from me.
yes it is a good deal.
yes ibanez make good guitars.
dimarzios are good pickups regardless on how much he spent on them.
to find a lefty that will suit both styles would be hard but ibanez guitars are very versatile.
go for it i say.
Wow, thank you all very much! It is so nice of you to go out of your way to help me out with my question. What a great forum