I have a finalized list of things to buy, just getting a last opinion from UG in case there's any better options I may have missed, don't want to buy things then find something better and regret it in a month.

All up, my shopping list is:

Pigtronix Philosopher's Tone
4 JJ EL34 tubes
4 JJ 12AX7 tubes
M-Audio Fast Track Pro
Shure SM57

Sounds amazing!
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looks great, love my DD-7 btw. get er' doneeee

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i've heard notthing but good things about the Philosophers tone I've been thinking of picking one up. lemme know how you like it!
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I can vouch for the DD-7, awesome damn pedal. Cheap mans looper, awesome delays, the analog delay isn't half bad either! Plus reverse and modulation (chorus-like) can't be beat!
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I would not buy tubes from a retailer that doesn't specialize in tubes. They won't be tested properly, if at all.
i've been dying to get my paws on a PT. lemme know how that turns out.

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I have had a horrible experience with m-audio fast track pro, and nobody was ever able to help me fix my problems (posted 2-3 times on here and asked several stores for help).

I cannot get it to ever play in real time. I can never hear how what I'm playing on the electric will sound while I'm recording if I use the guitar input. I basically have to play unplugged, then after recording I can hear what it sounds like with the software amps.

Oh and I have to hook up my amp to the device for it to have any volume whatsoever.

Just my experience. I know it is possible to fix all these things but not one person was ever able to help me (I tried ASIO4ALL which amde it impossible for me to do anything at all... I even bought a new laptop and it has the same issues with a fresh install of the software).
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Aitrus - that's weird... I'll be using a mic though, so that shouldn't be a problem.

jamestwelve - I like the tap tempo on the DD7, but the DL8 was nice.
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I even bought a new laptop and it has the same issues with a fresh install of the software).
Laptop soundcards tend to suck ass. That might be your problem. It may not even be the fault of the interface.
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