Hi guys

I currently have a fender american strat (HSS), and i really like the blues tone and cleans i can get out of the pickups, however, I was wondering if there was something better than the stock p-ups for blues/blues rock.. if I were to change the pickups I would like one warm one and one glassy sounding single coil (if you know what I mean)... and I dunno what I would change the humbucker to, cuz I don't have any complaints, but I'm open to suggestions for what would be good

i'm also going to maybe change the bridge because i don't like the strat tremolo (it is floating right? i am still getting use to these terms ). I am looking for a solid bridge like that on gibsons... or a way to block it from being floating.. i don't use it anyway and i want it more stable (sometimes when i palm mute i press down too hard and the pitch fluctuates)

finally, is there a certain way to remove the tone/volume knobs? i was gonna switch them and my pickguard out for a black one or a tortoiseshell one, and my knobs for black ones. thanks! and sorry for askin so many questions
Pickups... I have the fender 57/62' RI pickups in one of my strats. they sound pretty good, great cleans. They are not as good however as something like handwound vintage spec pickups such as Leo Sounds and other boutique brands that just blow any new Fender out of the water.
Tremolo.... If you don't use the tremolo at all open up the panel on the back of the strat (if its there) and tighten the screws that the springs attach to all the way until the top of the bridge is flush with the body... no floating.

Hope this helps.