So, I put an ad up for my '52 RI tele. Might consider trading for a Gibson LP or something. This guy offers me a late 80's Mosrite guitar. The only thing is, I don't know anything about them.

Could anyone tell me about this guitar, if it looks legit and how much it's worth?

Johnny Ramone was playing a Mosrite.
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My understanding is that Mosrite had a deal with someone in Canada that didn't fully go through or something like that, I don't know all the details. The time period is right, The big problem is that Mosrite of Canada is mostly known for selling rejected parts and making guitars out of junk parts. I'm sure there's a few decent ones but you might want to stay away from this one unless you feel like taking on a project, If you want to know more you can always register at the Mosrite Forum and ask.


By the way, I was very surprised to see this topic. Its very unusual for UG, Most people don't talk about Mosrite guitars and when they do its not about something deep like this.
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