Hey guys, i'm thinking about getting a 1x12 or 2X12 cab for my Bugera V22, my question is how much louder will my sound be if i run the amp through its speaker and through the cab's speaker as well? I'm looking to get a louder sound without having to buy a whole new amplifier with a higher wattage.

So i guess i'm asking is it worth it to throw down 100 to 200 bucks on a extension cab for a combo amplifier?
by using a larger speaker or speaker combination the loudness will only increase a very small amount, if you want to be considerably louder you will have to look at a new amp, or look at using a pa system at gigs
Woudn't it be twice as loud though, because in theory the cab is playing the same thing as the actual amp is so it would sound like the amp twice and if put side by side it would sound like two 22 watt amps running together?
i might do the same. the v22 has 2 output jacks, so as long as it is just 1 cab you can. 2 cabs (why) and you wuold have to disable the amps onboard speaker for the 2nd jack.

and from what i understand the only way to run a 2x12 is have 2 16ohm speakers, making an 8 ohm cabinet, bringing TOTAL ohms to 4 (so you would switch the amp to 4 in the back.

same is true with 1 8 ohm speaker in a 1x12. not sure about 1, 16ohm speaker????

it will definitleysound louder and project better. better speakers can be louder. the sensitivity level of a speaker can dictate volume. im guessing bugera stock speakers are nothing special. an aftermerket speaker with a high sesitivity will be noticably louder (louder for real...not just appearing louder due to more speakers)

but this way if you have a 2x12, you can run 3 12 inch speakers. if you sell teh amp, you still have the 2x12 for another amp head if you want it.

either way, a better speaker will make you louder (and change your sound) and adding speakers will make you sound more full and present. its the same as turning a small sound system up with tiny desktop speakers or having a bose sound system.

same volume, bose sounds better.
Dude it'S not the cab that gives the ''loudness''. It'S the amp that gives it. So if an amp has an output of 22 watts then it doesn'T matter how much cabs u use...there's still gonna be only 22 watts. The difference is just in the air that cabs push. It will feel louder but it actually won'T be.
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