Just got my Spector NS-95 in the mail today. Thought you guys might wanna check it out:

You see. now, the missing truss rod cover is the only blemish I care about. But I have a friend who said he can get me a blank cover, maybe with my last name carved into it or something. I was thinking a white cover?

She went for $1085 back in 1998 when she was created. I got her for $239.99, of course with $30.00 shipping, so I got her for a pretty nice deal. She came with a hard case, too, as you can see in the first picture.

She really is an amazing bass. She is both literally and figuratively smooth, her finish and her playing. The tone is to-die-for; the action was perfect; I haven't a single complaint about her, save the truss rod cover. She even came smelling good! I'm not sure what the scent is...maybe cherry cigar. I'm not sure.

I need some help naming her.

And here's the family!
wow. she's a beaut. love that red finish. congrats on getting such a good deal on it. spectors are good stuff!
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Ooooh, an SSD. There's something you don't see everyday.

It looks fantastic, HNBD!
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Having those basses balanced on your amp right next to a door is bit risky...

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Sick bass man! Looks amazing!!

what head is that? It's a tour... 450 or 700?
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That is a beauty and love the colour as well!!

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Thanks everyone

BassistRising: I only put them there for the pic. They're sitting in their cases at the moment.

6stringbassist: It's a 700.