So me, my brother and a few friends got this band together a little while ago, this is one of our own songs that we made a video of, mostly just to get it recorded, let me know what you think of it and any suggestions to make it better. And we are trying to fit a guitar solo in this song somewhere.

This song flows really well and the chours has a great hook..(it's been stuck in my head since i heard it) There is some nice lead guitar work throughout the song and i like where the solo is and the solo style fits perfectly. I would have loved to hear the song recorded properely the quality wasnt the best. Overall it's a good catchy song and i would like to hear it again when the recording quality is a bit better.
Sounds good
Again, would be nice to hear it in better quality in order to hear all the instruments better etc, and maybe use the wah a bit less, but overall, well done, keep it up :-)
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It sounds good, I like it. Like the other guy said I would like to hear better quality.
to strumindaguitar I just want to ask where you would put the solo because we're not sure if we wanna put it at the end of the song or after one of the chorus'

to all 3 of you I was wondering what type of software or equipment could I use to have a quality recording keeping within a small budget?
Download audacity for free, record 1 track at a time (Drums and etc) and you can individually change the volume of each instrument.
Sounds awesome! Reminds me of later red hot chili peppers at times. Only thing I'd recommend is shortening the intro a bit, or bring the vocals in earlier.
this song is pretty funky, i like it man
I think the intro is a bit too long, if you could cut it down just a bit so the vocals enter earlier i think that would help a lot. This song reminds me a lot of the red hot chili peppers

and i really like the look of your practice space, i'm jealous haha
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I love the drums, really cool sounding. Good melodies at the beginning. Sounds a lot like RHCP, maybe a bit too much? Idk, man. It sounds pretty good, not the best recording of course. Your singer sounds a LOT like Anthony Keidis.

Good song, my only complaint is that it sounds too much like Red Hot Chili Peppers.
Thanks for the crit first off.

Second like everyone's said, the song sounds good and flows really nicely.
I don't have any complaint on any of the instruments. Like a few have said, the instruments sound a lot like something RHCP would have done, which is good cause I love them.
The singer is my only complaint though, when he's singing he sounds great but sometimes he starts to like... talk and loose the notes he's singing.

Keep it up!
It defintely is RHCP influenced, but is original enough. I'd do less solo work while the lyrics are flowing, just a quick riff here or there would let the words work on there own more. good stuff!
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