Hello everyone and thanks for clicking on my post. I am in a newly formed band who recorded a 3 song EP last year. We are "Dear You" from New Haven, CT and we play Indie Punk Rock mostly influenced by bands like Brand New, Piebald, and Latterman, among others. Please check out our myspace at www.myspace.com/dearyouct and if you like the music, please download the 3 songs free at http://www.mediafire.com/?sharekey=ri5aw1gk3qbbs . Thank you for checking us out!

Wow, I'm really liking this. And I don't get much into Indie, so that's saying something. Added!

Rest Your Case
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My band, Rest Your Case:
hey I really like this but I can't download the First song --' Continu your job guys good work
Thanks again everyone for taking the time to listen and downloading our music. I am sorry the first song is not working. You are the first person to bring this to my attention. Let me see if I can fix it. Please continue to listen and show your friends if you think they will dig the tunes!
i am listening to your song again and i show your band to my friends and they liked it.