Recently got ahold of that Guitar rig software, just bought the software as I assumed my tone port UX1 would be a suitable interface.

Now my problem is im getting no sound from guitar rig, the audio settings are like this:

driver - asio
device - asio toneport ux1
status - running
sample rate - 44100
latency - 1024 samples

so everything seems ok to me, but it obviously isnt, there is no indication of guitar rig picking up my guitar, so could anyone help me figure out how to sort this out? Cheers
Did you mute your all other ports like mic. and stuff because i can assure you u don't need no external audio card if your audio card on the pc is good. I just use Line in and asio4all but in case there is some music player on or youtube or wathever thing that sound can come from guitar rig wont work.
Is there a way to use guitar rig with a usb cable directly from your guitar into your computer? I was able to get GR4 to pick up the sound, but the problem is getting them out of my computer speakers. Can anyone help me??