Hey, i can get a slightly used Boss ME-50 for £100, which is significantly cheaper than buying it new, and saying that im looking for more versatility through my amp (Roland Microcube) in terms of effects, i am considering it, especially cause at least you can switch effects with the ME-50 without having to stop playing.

But im wondering whether it'll make a big difference to my overall sound through my amp or should i just save up a bit more and get a better modeling (like a Peavey Vypyr 30)? Im kinda looking for sounds ranging from Dream Theater to Megadeth.

Im also considering a Digitech RP255 (used) at £69 or a Digitech RP55 (new) at £39, if anyone has any opinions on them
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i think as long as you arn't using any modeling amps you should be good to go(if you are, switch to the JC model at least)

if you dont mind playing modulation effects in front of your amp, you should be good to go with the ME-50.

a vypry 30 could offer you better amp modeling if you dont like the micro cube(turn it up louder or use less gain maybe...)

i never use digitech, but i haven't read good things about the low end models(but the rp1000 is good)

can't get megadeth from the rectafier model on the cube? i thought it was adequate for the symphony of destruction sound :\