I'm an admitted newbie when it comes to guitar gear, but was wondering if you guys can share some of you vast knowledge on the subject for me?

I have a 3 year old macbook pro and have been looking at microphones to record acoustic guitar with. the few ~$100 mics I looked at on musiciansfriend almost all mentioned having special sound cards, or that you need a 3.0+Ghz processor (i'm still using dual 2.0 ghz and 2 gig of ram) in order to use as intended, and not have the sound "chug" because the processor can't keep up.

What would be a good for the money microphone to get that can pickup an acoustic guitar fairly well and record myself playing in garageband? Don't want to do anything real fancy here. I also have an electric ukulele, so being able to plug that directly into the mic (if possible) would be a big plus!

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No one can recommend a <=$100 mic to hookup to my macbook pro for acoustic recordings?
You need an interface.
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Yeah, how do you connect a mike to garageband??? I've been trying for a long time with no success. Any suggestions welcome.

mic > xlr cable > interface > usb or firewire port

open garageband > preferences > audio > select the interface for input
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Alternatively there are a few mics (Samson, Shure) that will connect direct to the USB port and need no additional interfaces, drivers or anything inbetween.

there are tons of usb mics for under 100 usd. i'd say go with those as well, i use firewire interfaces myself cuz i need more inputs, but a single usb mic for recording at home is very useful.

edit: if you go with a USB mic, then you'll probably mainly have large diaphragm condensor mics as your option which will serve your purposes quite well tonally.
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