I read on another page that douglas fir would need to be reinforced with carbon fiber if it were to be a good neck. However, the piece that I have from an old house appears to be old growth, with really close grain. Throughout much of the piece, there are three to four grains in an eighth inch. Does this make it strong enough for the reinforcement to be unneccessary? i really want to use this wood if I can, so I guess it'll be fine if it does still need some reinforcement, but I'd rather not reinforce it unneccessarily. Thanks for any advice...
I would imagine if it's that closely grained, you wouldn't absolutely need carbon fiber reinforcement. However, making the neck two or three pieces glued together would make it way stronger than a one piece. Try to pick the pieces with the straightest grain for the most strength.
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Doug fir is very "bendy". I think it would be a poor choice for a neck wood even with reinforcements.
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I'm in the process of building a guitar with douglas fir. Here's the thread:


I believe (with no scientific evidence or personal experience) that douglas fir can be strong enough for a neck. I haven't seen any proof that it can't be used. I guess I'm gonna find out if I'm right or not.
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