Okay, so here's the situation. I am using two computers to create one song. On one computer I am importing drums from Beatcraft into Mixcraft, and adding any virtual instruments that I desire. On the other computer I am recording vocals and guitar and bass through an audio interface that records into Mixcraft. However, when I save the song and try to upload it into either computer, all that I receive is the virtual instrument track. For example: from one computer I create a beat and a synth part. I save it, then send it to the other computer to record bass. When I open it in the other computer, all that comes up is the synth part. NO DRUMS. It also goes vice-versa; whereas, if I recorded bass with the synth part and then uploaded it to the computer with drums, all that comes up is synth. NO BASS. Any ideas on what needs to be done to correct this?