Hey guys, this is the demo of a new alt./rock song I recorded/composed a day ago or so. I'd love some of your opinions on this. Oh and since this is just a demo, it doesn't have vocals yet and it is subject to change. Thanks guys!!! ROCK ON!

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On the intro, I thought the electric bass could be louder; you "fixed" that later in the song. I like the keyboards. The drums & the lead guitar sound very good! Audio quality is good. This song definitely needs some vocals! You are off to a very good start!
Hey dude! Thanks for critting my song!

This song sounds like it could be great, but the structure can do with a bit of touching up I think. For instance, the intro is quite "abrupt", maybe build it up a little? I don't know, let the drums come in first and the guitar after, or the other way around, and let the guitar come in with some distant echo kind of thing? Just spouting ideas here. Other than that, the bass was a bit quiet in the intro indeed, but that can be easily fixed.

One more small criticism: in the beginning section of the song, the "distorted" part is a bit short, it hasn't quite "settled" before it changes to a quieter part (0:28). Maybe extend that part a bit? Or move the quieter bridge to somewhere later in the song?

Instrumentally and musically, though, no complaints whatsoever. The playing was good, tone was excellent, and I like the progression and melodies as well. Good job!

Mixing is brilliant everything is crisp and all the instruments can be heard indivdually, love the guitar swells in the first verse. I like how the song has constant movement and reaches its peak when the solo comes in..i have nothing else to say apart from i really like it and would love to hear the song again with vocals
I love your tone,and the solo was fantastic.
Really want to here this with vocals.
Thanks for the crit, again.

I really like the guitars at the beginning - They flesh out the song well and make it intense enough without seeming overly flashy or metal.

And you seem to have a really good grip on song composition too, which I admire bevcause I find it hard to match up two guitar parts and put them on top of eachother, haha.

I loved the atmosphere of the song, like, the way it's presented through the scales and progressions you've chosen, I'm not sure what "Night" will be about when it has vocals, but the music seems to fit the theme well enough that I have a fair idea in my head.

I can't tihnk of anything to crit so far, except for the lack of vocals, but as you said, it's still a demo. I can't wait to hear it with vocals! Keep up the good work!
Sounds good... the rhythm guitar part and all the tones you used. I like when it switches gears and the lead comes in. Definitely has the potential to be a great song.
hey! I can't say anything bad to say about the song. I love the solo bit that starts around 2:22. The whole song flows really well. The guitaring is amazing and I think you have the mixed the song very very well. Would love to hear this with vocals! Amazing work.
Awesome! If this was on CD i would totally buy it! Cant think of anything critical to say though! Just would be better with some vocals but great job!! Love it!!
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Sounds really good :-)
Like the clearly defined sections, the violining, and how it builds up to the outro.
Would be good to hear it with some vocals.

Keep it up :-)
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really good guitar work on the song man. i really liked the harmonies in the intro and the strings in the verse. the dynamic contrast is also really good. you should play around with mixing the song so it sounds a bit fuller. maybe try double tracking the rhythm guitars on each stereo channel. sounds like it could be a pretty good song with vocals.
Sure critique back on yours.

First to be said I'm not into solo's or this kind of music normally, however I did listen that a lot when I just started playing and solo's were the coolest thing ever. ^^

The starting tune of the song reminds me somehow of Dredg/Coheed&Cambria, which for me is a very good thing.
You picked the right tunes and the song has a nice ''vybe''.
As I said I dont like solo's normally spoken, however this is good cause it starts like a normal solo but works on to some sort of faster and better tune or to be called a ''climax''.

Points of Improvement could be find a singer cause I would be interested how it would sound with a good voice.
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I'm liking it quite a bit. Not my genre but it's still quite good. A little repetative, but most songs like this are built to be like that. Solo was pretty sweet, good tone too. Only thing that's missing from the song imo would be to come back out of the solo with that main riff again and use it as an outro, that'd REALLY seal the deal nicely. All in all though the song structure was quite good. I'll give it an 8/10, even with no vocals...who cares, lol.

Here's mine


It's Metal, so it might not be your taste, but from one musician to another I'd still like your honest opinion and critique please.. Cheers

BTW, your profile picture is hilariously offensive, lol. Whether it was intentional or not
ok... nice recording quality..

wooo... it would be great if you put some vocals in.... cos rite now... its not good to left the song empty like this...

The instruments sounded nice to me... especially the drums... sounded very good....

and not to forget your wicked guitar tone... lovely...

two thumbs up man.... and thanks for checking out my songs...
First of all, thanks for the crit.

Like you mentioned, this isn't really my style of music but it sounds fantastic!
I really like the I guess.. Main riff in it.
The solo is pretty cool too.
I'll definitely be listening to all of your stuff.
very catchy, melodic. i bet you can find some lyrics that'll fit the mood on the lyrics forum.
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