So basically I've gotten into the style of this particular guitarist:

Jan Akkerman

Former member of dutch progressive rock band from the 70s - Focus.
You may know them from this video:

Here's an example of some of his solo work:
(the intro doesn't show my point much, but it's still great, pass it if you will)

Great tune, anywaaay! What I'm curious to find out is how he gets his special style - you know that sort of disharmonic and still not song-destroying soloplay and funny jazzy chord progressions.

I think I read somewhere that he uses the aoelian mode/scale a lot.

But when I play using this, and mixing it a bit up even - it never sounds anything like his playing (yes I know he's better than me, but I think I'd be able to play something that'd sound a bit like him, if I knew how he did).

Do you think his playing is just sort of.. random?

Or is there a theoretical reason to the dissonance yet likeable sound?

Thank you in advance - or.. inb4 own thank you
^ have you tried learning any of his music and analyzing it?
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Quote by GuitarMunky
^ have you tried learning any of his music and analyzing it?

Yes, or well, I've learned the parts I can play (all those shit-fast runs he makes in focus are a bit over my level - well, at least it would take a lot of time) and had a look at the others. But there seem to be quite some scale shifts and the chord progressions aren't that easy to follow all the time.

I'm still only had music-classes for a year and recieved professional teaching for the same time (learned the basics by myself).

But I feel pretty comfortable reading about theory, even at a higher level than I actually play in (to some extend).

So I'm basicly asking anyone with a really good ear to quickly say what he thinks, or someone who knows Jan Akkerman very well to tell me what he knows, or someone with a knowledge of theory to have a look at the pieces and make something out of it.

I know there's Guitar Pro tabs for some Focus songs here on the page aswell, if you need a look.