sorry im in a bit of a rush so i didnt get to use teh searchbar...anyways, i was at a pawn shop the other day, and i played this really nice vintage looking gretsch guitar. i dont know what model it is, but they were asking for 400 and it had the most amazing clean sound ive heard. so my question; is 400 a good price for a gretsch guitar? sorry that i dont have much info.

anways thanks
considering there lowest is 600 or so, its kinda sorta good, if its in near perfect condition.
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400 what?
yen = yes
bars of gold bullion = no.
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Absolutely, unless there's something horribly wrong. I'd play the bejeezus out of it before buying it though.

Unless, of course, it's stolen. Then you call the cops.
^ Yup.

$400 is reasonable for a used Electromatic solidbody. A hollow body would be a little more I think.
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