After seeing a lot of people here that repainted their guitars and basses, I dicided that I would do it to... The problem is: I don't know where to start hahaha I know I'll need a bunch of sanding papers, some lacquer and obviously, PAINT hahaha I'll be painting a black squier affinity series P-Bas because it looks boring and I'm pretty bored hahaha

I want a checkered finish, with black and white squares (a la vans) and I'm planing to do it using masking tape to cover the parts that will stay white, and then spray over the white layer, a black layer(s)

My questions are...
1. When removing the original finish, which method would be the best?
2. If I want a solid finish, do I need to apply a sealer and primer?
3. If I want a see through-ish finish (where the grain of the wood is visible), what do i have to do?
4. Do I apply the white paint first and then the black one?
5. Is normal spray paint any good for it?

I'm really open to any sugestions

PD: Of course I'll do a test first with a piece of wood to see if i can pull it off
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The problem is: I don't know where to start hahaha
Start at the Refinishing Thread. You can find it by using the GB&C Essential Links thread at the top of this forum.

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