I think the title is self-explanatory, I used the search bar, close it if I didn't look far enough.

What are some things you would've laughed other people doing/owning that you now do/own?

I have a snuggy and watch Pawn Stars, but that's about it.
I used to think Condos were useless. I now own one, and a pretty expensive one must I add.
Need fashion advice?

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I wish I had a dick like a black guy instead of my little white dick.

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i love you more than words can express jean.

I saw Rick Astley in Quebec City, on April 10th 2009. Best day of my life!
I have a snuggy, and I liek it.
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The grandmother is having a baby with her grandson, so the grandson will be his own fathers father, the baby will be his own grandfather, and grandson, and the grandmother will be the mother, and great grandmother?

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I used to think Condoms were useless. I now own one, and a pretty expensive one must I add.
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I used to think Condoms were useless. I now own one, and a pretty expensive one must I add.

That's pretty much how I read the first one too
Said above, skinny jeans, converse, and long hair..................

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cool story bra.................somebody doesn't like Christianity, who woulda thought?

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Lol, This is Sig worthy my friend, Kudos to you and your wise-ass-ness
In my metal phase, I used to laugh at this band in my area, really over the top cheesy pop punk.

Now I'm in that band, and I love cheesy pop punk.
Texting. I now own a Blackberry.
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can i get a tl;dr up in this bitch?

A mod makes a joke and hi-jacks a thread...

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usually, this is often discussed in the political threads ...

let's change the question: are you pro or antti niemi?
I wear a neon green/black/purple Bahamas hat...its ridiculous. I've had tons of people ask me about it though, and some have offered over 50 bucks lol. I got it for 50 cents.

I'm gonna be a security guard 0_o scary thought.
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I post on this forum

I remember when I vowed to only stay in the bass forum....times done changed...
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Heavy drinking. :/

lol apperently i still don't have any trouble laughing at it
i would say MGMT
i use to hate that kind of music but that ****ing band just got stuck in my head and now i can't stop listening to them
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Me before the xbox 360 got released: "booo it'll suck, what a silly name, it'll be even worse than the original", etc etc. Now i have one and play it loads.

Me before the iPhone was released: "booooo, least imaginative name for a phone ever, how dumb, i hope it's a flop" and allsorts, now i want one and everyone has one.

Used to think Fender Jazzmasters were some of the ugliest guitars i'd seen, now I think they look mega cool and I love mine.
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Marina and the Diamonds
Tegan and Sara

To be honest, I don't seem to quite "get" MGMT yet. Doesn't hurt to have the cd lying around though.

Also, an amp without a clean channel. Never thought that'd work for me, but so far, it seems fine.
Agree'd on MGMT. Unfortunately I just got into em less than a week ago and didn't realize till now they're touring in my state tonight, then leaving -_-
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I post on this forum


also some of the music i listen to. i won't even say what cos you'll all laugh at me
I'm beginning to amass a beautiful collection of shirts for every occasion.
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T-shirts are a sign of degeneration and decline.
I used to laugh at PS3 owners when I had an Xbox360. I now laugh at people with Xbox360s since I have a PS3.
Facebook, I use it to find old friends (or stalk). But they always block me, not because I stalk them just cause they want to.