oh hey!
i like your band (:
and i'd honestly say this for you: don't ask people what they think you should make! make music that you and the rest of MW like. you'll encounter annoying internet people that'll call you a sellout and such but just make music that feels right to you. real fans will give new stuff a chance and maybe you'll pick up some new fans.

I've written that assuming you're going to change and really you could just stick with how you sound now :P
keep up the good work yeaaa
Having only heard your band a few times, I'd say a kinda slightly more Proggy Metalcore just going off overall feel of the riffs and vocals
It's probably best that you don't fit neatly into any genre. Gives you something above the rest of the bands coming out now, a lot of whom sound similiar. I mean, from what I've heard of you guys you have elements of thrash, power metal, metalcore, melodic death...

What I've heard is fantastic too, by the way.
ahh sorry i completely missed a couple of words there :| way to look like a retard
you're pretty unique imo, some of the riffs sound really tech metal (like the start of images) then there are bits that sound sorta like killswitch and power metal bits here and there. i think it's safe to say you're metal haha, i'd just call it heavy metal.
planning on touring uk any time soon btw?
Hey Dan! It's always nice to have bands asking for people's opinion. Welcome on UG!

First I'll give you a bit of feedback: I heard about Mutiny Within about five months ago thanks to Mike Portnoy, since it happens I'm a huge Dream Theater fan. I read an interview where he mentioned you guys, and I checked your newly released album. I found it really promising and easy to listen to (in a good way), with a great replay value. Several songs get stuck in your head easily, and I started humming some of the melodies after only a few listens.

Now, I'm pretty sure you'll get a lot of bashing from supposedly "true" Metalhead wannabes for the strong support and exposure from Roadrunner, but it's a part of the deal when you start having some mainstream exposure as a Metal band (I'm thinking about the God of War III EP and WWE song here). But you shouldn't pay attention to them.

As for your the genre I'd stick you in... definitely not Melodic Death Metal. There's not enough growling and you lack the typical signature sound found in that sub genre. Also, your songs are not grim enough (in fact, they have more of a power metal-ish epic sound). Frankly, now I think about it I'm having a hard time putting you under one specific label. You guys are really hard to classify. Several adjectives come to mind when I run your self-titled album, though: melodic, power, metalcore (for the harsh vocals breaks) and technical/prog (with some pretty good guitar work up in this bitch).

On a personal note, I really don't like Metalcore, and my taste for Power Metal is very limited. If you check my favorite bands in my profile, you'll notice quite a few Black, Brutal Death and Technical Death Metal bands. Yet I really enjoyed your album somehow, because it's so insanely catchy. I think I might have found yourselves a new genre: Catchy Metal!

Anyway, that's it, hope it helped. Cheers and keep up the good work!

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