Please help! I recently bought all the necessary cables to connect my guitar to my pc. I`m getting a sound, but only through the left speaker. It`s obviously got something to do with the cables, but I don`t know why. All of them (3.5 (male) to 3.5 (male), 3.5 (male) to jack (male), jack (female) to 3.5 (male)) have two rings below the tip, except the 3.5 (female) to jack (male), which has only one ring. I tried all the combinations but none of them work in stereo.

Oh and line in isn`t panned to the left, I checked.
Do you even have a decent USB or Firewire audio interface or are you literally trying to bung your guitar signal through a bunch of cheap mono cables into your PCs onboard sound card... cos that aint gonna sound pretty, even if you do get it coming through more than one speaker...
Well I intend to buy one in the future, but I`d like to make sure everything is up & running beforehand.
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ok, but are you actually just connecting your guitar directly to your soundcard? are you using any kind of preamp like a multiFX or a pod or something?

If you're just hooking your guitar up to your pc, you'd need something that can connect your 1/4" mono guitar, and end up with a stereo 1/8"

you won't likely find a cable like this, so you'll need adaptors.

But really.. You don't need to see if 'everything is up and running' when you get an interface like a pod or something, it'll bypass your soundcard anyway.
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