I'm going to be building a pedalboard soon, because after a few trades I now have 7 pedals, which seems like too much to be laying all over the place, and it would require a gigantic power strip. I don't want to drop the $2-300 on buying a premade one that would fit them all, since some are quite large pedals. (Thanks big muff and weeping demon).

What I planned on doing was getting a piece of wood cut at home depot about .5 inches thick, and the appropriate length and width to fit all the pedals.

The next issue is powering them all. As of now, I don't have enough power supplies to run all my pedals at once. I was looking for different ways to power the board, and from what other people have said this seems like the best way.


Will I want to still include a power strip on the board to plug the godlyke into? And will I need anything else besides all the 1/4 inch cables to connect all the pedals?
I just want to know if I'm missing anything important before I go dropping the money on this, or if theres a better way to do it.
I've heard rechargeable 9v batteries can be a good alternative, any opinions on this? It seems like it would clean up the pedalboard a lot.

Also, I had planned on just running all the effects one by one through the chain in the order I wanted, and then into the amp rather than getting a switching system. Would that work?
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Daisy chains are supposed to be inferior, but if you could get hold of some nice rechargeable batteries, that sounds more appealing.

Check out the Voodoo Lab Pedal Power, it costs more but seems to get rave reviews from everyone. Something like that will probably yield more satisfying results
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