Hey bros. I have some used duncan invaders and I went to measure the DC resistance to find out which one is the bridge and which one is the neck. I found the Bridge one with no problem (by adding the resistance btw the red/green and white/black together). But with the neck when i put the black and white and measure I get a 3 point something. and then the red and green of the same pickup is not picking up anything at all. So does that mean the pickups is screwed over?

Maybe you should take it into a guitar shop and ask them to test it? I mean, the guitar tech there (most guitar shops have a competent guitar tech to do the more complex repairs) prolly would know for sure. It could just be an error is all. You don't wanna throw out a pickup you spent good money on, on the chance it might be screwed over. I say get someone at the guitar shop to test it.
Check SD's Website for their supposed DCR. Connect the red and white and then measure between the black and green. The pickup may be messed up, I'd just try putting it in a guitar and see if it makes noise