Hello, i need help with new guitar choice, open for all sugestions .

Since i am at vacation and got some spare money, i dont want to miss the opportunity to buy a new guitar. I am kind of fresh to the guitar world, started playing 1 year ago, so i need an advice which guitar will suit me. I play mostly hard rock and metal, bands like soad metallica pantera etc.
My budged is rather small, but since i am not advanced guitar player it might be enough.
I am looking for a good guitar for under 400$ , any suggestions?
do you want a wamy bar?
what amp?
do you like thin necks for shredding?
active or passive pups?
As i said i am not experienced, but whammy bar would be nice tho, and i have a roland cube but planning to upgrade soon. But guitar is first prior for me.
If you are fairly new, whatever you do don't get a floating bridge. They are a massive pain in the arse to setup, and forget dropping your tuning. Fixed bridge all the way!
If I had $400 to spend on a guitar and I were playing hard rock or metal it would be an easy choice for me, i'd either buy some kind of Ibanez RG or a used Gibson SG Faded
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Thx for help, i will sure consider all mentioned above guitars and i will inform you which one i will buy. if i find a good, used gibson SG standard or faded then i will probably go for it, especially becouse i got some extra funds from my father. Otherwise i will go either for a dean, ibanez, or a esp , depends on price. And thx again for help :]
bought a ibanez rg 09 ltd for 270 £, so far happy with purchase, thx guys