Hey guys. I'm new in here :P
Anyway, I want to start a pedalboard.
My guitar is an Ibanez SZ520FM and my amp is a Crate V18 2-12.
I am aiming for sound as close as I can get to Paul Gilbert, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Eric Johnson and Andy Timmons.
I know I probably will not be able to get these sounds, but as I said, this is my goal.

I have about 450 dollars to spend and I can buy only from websites that ships worldwide (I don't live in the US).

I want to start my board with a Distortion, Overdrive and a Delay.

I thought about getting a Xotic Effects BB Plus with a Electro Harmonix Memory Toy.
It will leave me about 100 dollars for another pedal, or I can save the money for the next buy.
How will these pedals function with my equipment?
Is the BB Plus able to deliver alot of gain for heavy styles of music or it can function as overdrive only?
Do you have any other pedals to recommend?

Thanks alot
You could get Joe's Saturator, made by vox

And Paul uses a mxr phase 90 by dunlop

So those pedals could be good for you
Generally speaking if you have a high gain tube amp you won't need to add a distortion pedal to your chain. The overdrive would be useful to add some clarity and punch to your sound in front of the amp's high gain channel.

I don't recommend multi-FX pedals either. Get a dedicated pedal for your effect and you'll be much happier.

To start off with, with your budget in mind, I suggest:
+Boss DD-7 (also has a 40 second loop) - $140.00
+Electro-Harmonix Small Clone - $84.00
+Maxon OD808 - $150.00
OR + Boss SD-1 - $45.00
+MXR 10 Band EQ -$120

*With the Maxon OD that equals just over your budget at $494.00
*With the Boss SD-1 OD, the total comes to $389.00

This is without taking shipping costs into consideration, but with all the pedals at the prices they're sold for new. I'm sure you could save a lot finding used pedals here and there.

The artists you listed have very effect-heavy tones whether all or at once or throughout their careers. The suggestions above were only made with the budget on hand. You can always add more down the road.

Hope this helps!
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i'd stick with the 2x12 cause paul uses 2 2x12 laney combos slaved together. i would get a boss dd-3 or dd-5, get an mxr phase 90... i think he uses a tube screamer, but you can get an electro harmonix linear power booster and use the amp OD. also he uses a flanger, and a cry baby, throw in a boss noise suppressor and that's pretty much what he uses for a pedal board. run it like this, linear power booster, wah, flanger, or phaser, the two don't matter, and then run the noise suppressor then the delay. but if you decide on an OD pedal rather than the linear booster, put it where the booster is. last time looked at pauls rig he was runnign something similar.
if you want to sound like satch, get a satchurator and a time machine? (satch's signature pedals)
My amp isn't really a high gain amp.. The distortion pretty sucks XD
I did think about the satchurator, but I don't know how it will sound on other styles.
The most important things I need now are Distortion, Overdrive and Delay, so I thought about: Vox Satchurator, BB preamp, Electro Harmonix Memory Toy. Do you think it will work?

My favourite tone is Andy Timmons', so I want to aim for this tone more than for the other guys' tones.
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Would anyone recommend Catalinbread's Dirty Little Secret or Lovepedal's Redhead?
Do they have enough gain? Will they fit with a BB Preamp?

Do you have any other suggestions?
I would atleast start with getting the Satch signature Time Machine Delay, followed by an OD(maybe two) and a EQ pedal.
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Quote by dvir1225
Would anyone recommend Catalinbread's Dirty Little Secret or Lovepedal's Redhead?
Do they have enough gain? Will they fit with a BB Preamp?

Do you have any other suggestions?

Hey there man,

Over the years I have owned probably 50 or 60 stompboxes of various quality. The Catalinbread DLS is among my favorite pedals that I have ever owned. The tone is essentially pure British drive, like a Marshall in a box. The DLS is incredibly warm and surprisingly versatile, and the Rawk/Rock switch adds to that versatility. I find myself mostly using the Rock setting, which has a little more midrange bump to it and cuts the gain slightly. The Rawk setting is slightly grindier and more aggressive. Depending on the settings, it's capable of anything from warm overdrive to massive amounts of saturation.

I should clarify that by massive amounts of gain, I am not referring to Boss MT-2/Line 6 Insane type gain that sounds like the audio equivalent of an elephant taking a shit. Instead, I mean that it produces huge amounts of harmonic saturation, which sounds gigantic but still maintains the clarity of the notes. Don't buy this pedal expecting to replicate Mesa/Diesel type tones. It's not meant for that. However, in my opinion, it is one of the best gain pedals available.
Can you suggest me two OD pedals and one EQ pedal? I need them to be under 450 bux with the Time Machine..
Anyway, why the Time Machine? Will other delay pedals work with two drives and EQ?
I played some of the Satch signature pedals and thought they weren't anything special. I always hear good things about the EHX Memory Boy/Toy. I played one of the Maxon OD808's once and it was really nice. EQ's can always help out in some way, the MXR 10-band is recomended a lot. If you want a chorus and you're on that kind of budget I think the CMATmods Analog Chorus is a good choice.

I think you mentioned the DLS too. I hear great things about it, but can't speak from experience. So I guess if it was me with that budget I might go: EHX Memory Toy, Maxon OD808/Catalinbread DLS, and CMATmods Analog Chorus. That leaves roughly $50 I think, don't remember how much the chorus is. You could swap the chorus for something cheaper and leave yourself about $100, which could get you a Custom Shop Script Phase 90 for $100. Just thoughts.
MXR 6 Band EQ goes for $70 new, or the 10 band EQ(which I would suggest) goes for about $120ish new.

Maybe pair them with a used tubescreamer, you could probably get one for like $60, and a Big Muff(they go for $70 new.) I would also suggest looking for every used, as it will save you a lot of money.
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My problem is that I can buy from sites like ToneFactor, ProGuitarShop and Ebay because I need sites that ships worldwide..
Therefore, used gear is a bit problem.
Anyway, lets say I'll take that 10 band EQ, a Tubescreamer and a Big Muff. Will it be enough to get sounds like I mentioned?
handbanana suggested me to get it.

My basic idea is to get a BB Preamp with a Memory Toy Delay.
That will leave me about 150 dollars. Do you recommend these pedals? What else should I buy with the money left? I can get a BB Plus and it will leave me 100 bux.. Which pedal should I take? Is the BB Plus good for the sound styles I mentioned? (Besides Andy Timmons :P ) Can it give me a good lead tone or it will lack gain or something?
Can it help me get to sounds like I mentioned before? (Paul Gilbert, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Eric Johnson and Andy Timmons)
He uses a BB Preamp and EHX Deluxe Memory Man (which I can't afford XD).
The main issue is that sometimes he uses the BB Preamp with the lead channel in his Mesa Boogies..
I think I can put the BB Preamp in front of a distortion pedal... Will it work? What should I do?
i ordered my stuff off pro guitar shop cause im in canada and they ship FREE worldwide with orders over $400
That's one reason I thought about PGS, but I'm not sure which pedals I will order
Check out the ibanez ts9dx for overdrive, the blackstar ht dual for distortion, and boss dd-6 for delay. I like your setup (:. Ibanez SZ's ftw!
Pm me if you've got some pedals to sell
The Blackstar HT Dual is too expensive, and it is also not the sound I'm aiming for.

I think I will take the BB Plus, the Memory Toy and the Boss GE-7 EQ.
How's that?

Ibanez SZ's ftw
Maxon od-9 for overdrive. Boss dd-3 delay and Tech 21 U.S. Steel or California dist.
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I actually don't really like tubescreamers.. As an overdrive, I'm pretty sure I want the BB Plus. Whats next? How are the GE-7 and Memory Toy?
My amp has only one channel XD
Thanks though, I will check these possibilities too.
i love pairing a good tubescreamer with another overdrive or distortion for a good heavy metal tone.
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Actually for your amp a Tube Screamer the Ibanez TS-7 to be exact is a godsend. I have the Crate V33h and on my amp the TS-7 on the clean channel can get you really great Marshall overdrive that sounds just like AC/DC with the drive all the way up and level around 9 o'clock on the pedal. On the gain channel with the gain on the amp at about 7 1/2 on the dial and the pedal level all the way up and drive at 0 to 9 o'clock will make your amp scream kick on the hot switch and it gets brutal. The Tube screamer adds just what your gain channel is lacking it clears up the mud drops a little bass and adds mids. Trust me I was going to do the Soldano SLO mod to my Crate for the Gain channel was usable but the TS totally changed my mind on that. This amp has an awesome overdrive with this pedal it made me fall in love with this amp.

If you want a great Chorus for this amp the MXR M148 Micro chorus is perfect. And if you want a great distortion if you want a ton of other sounds is either the Metal Muff with top boost or the MXR Distortion+ I have the Metal Muff with TB and it is great. If you are going to use Chorus and Delay on the amp it is best to use them in the FX loop if you are using the amps gain. But if you are using all pedals for Distortion/OD on the amps clean channel in the front is fine. But once you here your amps Gain channel with the Tube screamer you will want to use the amps gain the most. Oh and an EQ pedal is great to get to further shape your sound to the MXR 6 band or 10 whatever one will suite your needs the best.

EDIT: Forgot for a good Delay IMO the Ibanez DE-7 or the Boss DD-3 or DD-6 or the 7 is great. I have the DE-7 myself It sounds great and it is cheap and the only thing it lacks is a tap tempo that I would never use. It is also just as good if not better IMO than the Boss DD-3.

I bought a de-7 a few years ago a took it back the next day. The de-7 should never be compared to a dd-3 that's like comparing a Crate ss to a Marshall tube that's just not right.
What I would do, is take a look at thegearpage.net (I think it's .net) You can probably find someone who has a used Dirty Little Secret that will ship to you. They are really nice OD's and they are fantastic for stacking with other pedals.

For delay, I'd look at the Malekko 616, great little delay.

While you're on TGP as well, take a look for a Blackout Effectors Musket Fuzz, there's a few floating around at the moment and that + the DLS will be awesome.
However if you're not looking for Fuzz, I'd recommend something like a Jetter Gain Stage Purple or an MI Audio Crunch Box, both great Marshall-in-a-box type pedals which is what a few of those artists use (IIRC?)

Or if you want to buy new:
Crunch Box $129
Malekko 616$150
Maxon OD808$150 / Ibanez TS9 $99
My band
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I actually thought about the Dirty Little Secret. I tried it and it is a great pedal
About overdrive, you all talked about tubescreamers and nobody mentioned the BB Plus I asked about. Is it because you just don't know or it sounds bad?
I prefer the BB because andy timmons uses one and he has the tone I am aiming for.
Will the BB be good for heavy styles of music with a EQ pedal?
Do you know any other sites I can buy from other than ProGuitarShop and ToneFactor.com?

btw, please read my last comment