Hey guys. I got a Arctic White Fender Squire Starting Kit and the cheap 10W amp that comes with it about a month ago but never really put serious practice in it. Any tips on how I should start out?.


I started with the "Learn to play" DVD that comes with it but all that did was just teach a few chords and I didn't know where to go after that...so then I just looked at some simple tabs and learned easy riffs like White Stripes - Seven Nation Army. But I'm pretty much stuck here.

What now? Just keep learning songs from tabs? I wanna keep this fun and less technical but whatever it takes...

And in that case, and good beginner tunes you'd recommend?
just keep playin man, thats what i did haha.
keep lookin up tabs on here for songs you like that are simple. Interpol is good for beginners if you like them. but yeah, lookin up tabs is one of the best ways to learn if you dont have a teacher, and really fun.
You might wanna keep with stuff like seven nation army for a while. After that while, you'll feel it's pretty easy to play stuff like that, then it's time to move a step up
Some songs in the same category like seven nation army are otherside by red hot chilli peppers, smells like teen spirit (introduction to power chords) by nirvana, come as you are by nirvana, smoke on the water by deep purple and actually a lot of very popular rock songs are not that hard to play.
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Read this!You know you really want to...

I started by reading a dumb book that made me memorize where all the notes are on the staff and stuff like that. Never really used any of that because everything is easier in tab.

Learn your basic chords, then a couple scales just to get acquainted with the guitar, then start jamming to some songs that you like. Granted most songs are difficult for a beginner, there are hundreds, if not thousands of songs out there that are very easy, like you said, Seven Nation Army.

When I started, I just chose easy songs that I enjoyed listening and playing to. I started with Metallica's Seek and Destroy. Now I'm playing stuff by August Burns Red in a time span of about 2 years. But don't let that scare you b/c everyone progresses at different rates. I know lots of guitarists that have played for one year and can do blazing fast solos, while I'm still struggling to get my speed up.
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I'm reading this guide right now and it's telling me to learn a bunch of chords from the start on.
I feel like this is important because it really lets you understand what your playing and would probably make playing tabs easier.

But its going to take a lot of time practicing all that, and I just hope it doesn't frustrate me to the point that I stop.
Look up tabs and lessons, its all here. You can go far on your own.
Just take your time.
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I know its a starter Guitar but its sexy, well first Yeah you should learn those chords and despite what people say you should do it, i wish i had done it and its hard to do it now.

and learn some blues songs trust me eventually it will evolve into you shredding like a beast.
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It really depends on how seriously you want to play guitar. If you're just learning a bit to mess around and play some songs, what you're doing now is great. If you really want to get into improvising, songwriting, etc, you should learn your scales, learn to read sheet music, and get to know the notes on the guitar neck, where notes repeat, etc. Yeah, it's boring as hell, but in the long run it's gonna be worth it.