Hey all,

Was wondering if I could find some help. I plug my acoustic guitar as well as a mic into an acoustic amp, Crate Taos 30, but there is only one set of EQ controls for both inputs. I wonder what EQ settings would be okay to cover both vocals and the acoustic guitar. I understand it won't be perfect. The controls available are a High, low, mid, and a contour which centers the initial frequency of the mids between 400hz - 1.2khz, and the individual controls go +/- 15db. The manual can be found here: http://www.crateamps.com/pdf/manuals/CA30DG_OM.pdf

Any help would rock!

since everyone has their own voice - not all vocals require the same settings - their own guitar, and different sound preferences, you're going to have to tweak it by ear. i wouldn't be able to do this well with one of my guitars, which is very bassy, since i have much less bass in my voice, but i could probably do okay, although not great, using one eq for my vocals and my guild.

why don't you put an eq between your vocals or your guitar and your amp? that would take care of it.