I've been sleeping and eating less.
So far I must say I like it, I don't feel tired or hungry, I get to stay up pretty much the whole day with maybe like 4 hours of sleep. All I have had to eat today was half a peanut butter sandwich.
It's pretty cool. I get to watch lots of internet and reads books and play guitar and still get everything done that I need to do.

Wouldn't it be cool if we like super evolved?
and we didn't need to eat and sleep.
duck yeah.
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Cool story, brah.
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so what would we evolve in to?
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seriously: it's not evolving, you're just using very little energy, because you don't do anything all day. Also real evolving is practically unnoticeable when it's happening.

And: If we don't eat, then how will we get energy to walk around/digest food/breathe/live?
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