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I have a question:
How do you mute a string in a chord?

I can't seem to figure it out how to do it......


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To EFGuitar,

How about:

B --1--3--1--1--3--1--1--3--|

Yep, you just use a finger you aren't already using to play the chord to lay atop the string so it can't vibrate when strummed. For the low E string, you can use your thumb to mute it, or just an unused finger for any other.
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Also, if it's easier for the chord, you can use a finger fretting on the string next to the string you need to mute, and rest it on the side of the muted string.
Specifically to the diagram shown above I would play it like:

e-3 - pinky
B-1 - 1st finger
G-0 -
D-x - 3rd finger (muted)
A-3 - 3rd finger
E-x - 3rd finger (muted)

now your 3rd finger will use the mid section to fret the string. put it on a bit of an angle which will mute the string underneath (D) and will push up a bit on the (E) which will mute that one too. so you are fretting (A) and muting both strings with the same finger. Hope that makes sense.