For a few weeks I've been trying to get the wiring on my ESP LTD EC-1000 right. Originally it was wired active with EMGs, but my friend in hawaii put the nailbombs i ordered in it. The mistakes he made was messing up the ground wire so it made some hum and the push/pull tone pot came damaged so it was hard to turn and on top of that, it made scratchy noises. I asked him to wire my guitar (les paul style) 2 500k volume pots, 1 500k push/pull tone pot for coil splitting. He reversed it so the pull=humbucker and push=single coil.
I took it to a los angeles guitar tech last week and told him what I wanted and he got some of it done. He ordered a new tone pot that turned smoothy and made no scratchy sounds and he fixed the ground wire, but he couldn't fix the direction of the push/pull for coil splitting. Down is still single coil, up is humbucker. He tried rewiring the whole thing and still nothing.

I'm picking up the guitar today and the tech was very helpful about the whole thing but I'm leaving L.A. to go home to Washington D.C. this friday so I have to fix it myself. I plan to buy a good soldering iron and supplies and try to fix it myself. I'm wondering if you guys could give me any advice on how to switch it so its the proper way. He tried using the diagram on the seymour duncan website but he just cant do it, the L.A. tech that is. Any help would be great, I'm tired of having a faulty guitar!

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You know, I'm really starting to lose faith in guitar techs. I've never had the opportunity, or need to have one service my guitar, but all these stories about wiring fails is just disappointing

I'm sure there are some good ones, but how can you be a guitar tech if you cannot even wire a guitar right?

And I've had a pot like that, very hard to turn and scratchy. The switch stopped working and then fell apart.

Here is your diagram When you have the pot, hold it like it will be in the guitar, up and down. The lugs should be in a 2x3 array, attach then with the top two grounded, and the red and white wires running to the middle lugs. Leave the bottom lugs alone.

Next time, use The Ultimate Guitar Wiring Thread, where this thread belonged



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