This was made to mainly ask a question... but somehow it got closed down. I guess i'll ask my question here.

Here is the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pXDEdaEA6O0
Recording (0:05 - 0:43) Recording straight from camera (0:44- end)

Here is the setup:
VOXAD15VT mic-ed up with a Shure C606 Dynamic microphone(a friend lend to me) >> Line6 guitarport USB into PC

DAW: Reaper
Effects: Zoom G7.1ut
Guitar: Ibanez AWD82 & Ltd EC1000 (orange guitar at the end)

I'm actually saving up for a Rode NT1 Condenser mic. But I'd like to be sure this mic can handle the heavy sound coming out of an amp. Should I be getting a dynamic microphone instead?

I'm mainly planning to use my mic for recording(guitar amps,metal and distortion is a must!! piano, and vocal) I have some dynamic mics already for monitoring and PA at church (Shure SM58, Samson Q7 ).

So what do you guys think of the recording? and what kind of microphone suits me best?
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hey dude, thanks for your crit. um well im not very knowledgeable on mics, so im sorry i cant help you much there. um well to try and help, the lead tone on the first section of the recording sounded nice, better than the straight to camera recording. however the rhythm part of the first sounded weird to me, i would say too much bass? your playing sounded allright as well, maybe add some vibrato on the final note of the solo!
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what type of music do you play?

if you play mostly bees in a box music then go wt the MG
if you play transformers, more than meets the eye, then Spider.