So this is what I used to have:

And I replaced it with this:

First I want to quickly review the Vypyr 75, because the Vypyr series is recommended pretty often around here and I thought it might be helpful to someone.

It's actually a great starter amp, I had a Line 6 Spider III (I know, I know) before it, and the Vypyr is a massive improvement. I mainly used the Twin amp model and used pedals to provide distortion and higher gain. On that subject, I've seen some people say the Vypyr doesn't handle pedals well, and I'd have to disagree. I have a fairly extensive pedalboard and I've always been satisfied with how it's handled pedals. So all in all I'd say it's a great starter amp, especially the 30 and 75 with the 12" speaker.

Now on to the Vox AC15C1!

I got this the other day after deciding I was serious enough about guitar to warrant spending $600 on an amp. I picked it up at GC for $600 out the door, and my first impression was that it's really heavy! The Vypyr was heavy as well, but this thing weighs about 50 pounds and since it's a combo amp, it's all in one dense package. Definitely some advantages to a head/cab arrangement.

Of course the sound is what we all care about. The amp's controls are extremely simple compared to all the knobs on the Vypyr, which I kind of prefer. It took me a few moments to dial in a nice clean sound, but now that I have it I love it. It handles pedals really well too--I especially like the sound of my Hardwire CM-2 through it. The really funny thing was when I plugged the Vypyr in next to it to compare the two; the differences were really apparent. The AC15 makes the Vypyr sound fake and digital. The tubes really warm up the sound and I'm sure the speaker (a Celestion Greenback, I believe) has something to do with it too. The music I play requires a good clean sound with occasional light distortion, and the AC15 delivers perfectly.

In short: If you want a nice warm tube sound with great cleans, I'd highly recommend the AC15. It's a great value for the price and a huge improvement over a solid-state amp like the Peavey Vypyr. The only downside is the weight, but it's well worth it for the sound quality.
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nice! HNAD!

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Thats my dream amp ATM. How does the OD with the CM2 work with it? Cause Ive got one of those as well.

BTW, HNAD you lucky bastard.
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HNAD Vox even though I still don't own one.

I see you also went from messy to organized
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How does the OD with the CM2 work with it?

CM-2 sounds great with it. I have a Monte Allums modded Boss BD-2 and it also works well, but I prefer the CM-2. Very nice OD sound.

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I see you also went from messy to organized

I actually meant to write something about that too. I got that nice wire shelving unit at Home Depot for $20 or so, and it made a huge difference in my music room. Actually let me show you guys a picture of that:

(taken a few days ago when I had the RC-2 off the board and the DS-1 in active use)

It's a pretty good system, that black organizer on the top is made for a desk for paperclips or whatever, but I used it for the various types of picks I've amassed. Commonly used ones go in the open spaces while lesser-used varieties go in the white and silver bins, which are magnetic and stick to the wire. You can also see I have my capo and metronome in there.

Also holds pedals I don't use every time (RC-2, DS-1, Wah), cleaning/string change supplies, and spare parts like power adapters, cables, and screws.
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